Healthcare Made Simple

Delphi Makes Healthcare Simple.

The traditional healthcare landscape can be overwhelming, filled with uncertainties and complexities. Delphi Advocacy understands that each individual’s healthcare journey is unique. As a team of dedicated professionals, our commitment goes beyond making your health a priority – it’s about providing a personalized and supportive experience tailored to your concerns and preferences. We step in as your knowledgeable guide, offering transparency in information, assistance in securing timely appointments, and exploring alternative care options, all aimed at simplifying the healthcare process for you.


Schedule Appointments with high-value healthcare providers easily through our user-friendly application

Patient Advocacy

Use real-time communication to directly speak with an experienced healthcare advocate.

High-Value Providers

Access high-quality, low-cost healthcare providers within your health plan, so that you save every time.

Increasing Access, Understanding, and Affordability to Healthcare

At Delphi Advocacy, your health is not just a checkbox on our list – it’s a commitment that drives everything we do. We are passionate about advocating on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the care you deserve in a manner that aligns with your unique healthcare journey. By putting your concerns and preferences at the forefront, we redefine the healthcare experience, making it simpler, more transparent, and ultimately more focused on you.