Bundled Payments

Delphi developed a Bundle Payment Program to create a seamless continuum of care, from surgery to physical therapy—and all with just one bill.

Our Network

Currently, Delphi works with over 30 providers in New Hampshire, at three different facilities; Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center, Orchard Surgical Center, and Surgery Center of New Hampshire. In 2021, Delphi processed over $10,000,000 in claims and over 2,000 encounters for endoscopy procedures alone.

About Delphi Bundles

The single payment covers the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and facility charges, post-surgical physical therapy, home health care, etc. The bundle payment offers a high quality, low cost streamlined approach to health care, that simplifies the process of surgery and recovery.


Delphi provides you with competitively priced, high-quality options for your care. Healthcare can be expensive with unexplainable fees. Delphi eliminates unnecessary services by providing care and price navigation.

Delphi establishes a clear upfront cost of care through our bundled payment, often times limiting your exposure and out of pocket expenses. Along with this, our patients receive increased navigation and involvement with our providers which helps to improve patient experience.


Delphi incentivizes and supports physicians and facilities who provide much needed value to the healthcare marketplace.

Delphi does not replace any contract but takes precedence over it. Delphi encompasses all aspects of total knee replacements, total hip replacements, and endoscopy procedure (EGD and Colonoscopies), including facility, professional, and technical components, into one all-inclusive, bundled claim.

Claims Processing

Delphi’s claims processing and partnership allows for dramatic increases in reimbursement to those who participate and provide value to the market. Bundled payments expand physician referral bases, increase financial returns, and result in higher patient volumes. Bundled payment approaches create incentives for providers to eliminate unnecessary services and reduce costs.


What Clients Say About Us

Current Provider
    Current Provider

    Delphi Bundles has made a significant impact on our healthcare practice. We’ve been using it for total hip replacements, and it has not only simplified our billing but also enhanced our relationships with patients. Delphi’s approach to bundled claims ensures transparency and helps us deliver better care with confidence.

    HR Representative
      HR Representative

      Simplified billing with Delphi Bundles has positively impacted our operations. It reduces the burden of dealing with complicated medical bills and allows our team to focus on strategic HR initiatives. Our employees appreciate the transparency and predictability it provides in managing their healthcare costs.

      HR Representative
        HR Representative

        Delphi Bundles has transformed how we handle healthcare billing in our company. It’s not just about simplified billing; it’s about improving the overall employee experience. Delphi has made it easier for our team to communicate costs to our employees, increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.

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