Empowering Patients with increased access to high-value healthcare.

Increasing Access to High-Value, Low-Cost Healthcare.

Increasing Access to high-value healthcare

Delphi Advocacy was established with the goal of offering a resource in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system.

Whether it involves scheduling appointments, exploring alternative options, or seeking clarifications, our application and dedicated team of advocates are committed to enhancing access to both care and information.

Everyone Needs an Advocate

When severe illness strikes, it’s scary. You need someone to help guide you through the process of finding a trusted specialist who can help. Direct communication with our dedicated advocates ensure you’re not navigating the complexities of the healthcare system alone.

Get Your Employees Healthier, Faster

It’s not just about knowing where to go for medical care; it’s about understanding the journey there. Your first encounter with a healthcare professional can set the tone for high-quality, cost-effective care that aligns with your health plan.

We stand by ready to assist, ensuring a smoother journey towards receiving care and solutions when needed.

Always Know you’re getting the best price

We empower our members to make informed choices by providing detailed price and review comparisons. With Delphi, you’ll discover the most suitable locations and healthcare professionals for your specific procedures, so you can unlock significant savings while ensuring top-quality care.

Delphi’s network will save you money

Delphi works with independent healthcare facilities to provide more affordable and accessible options to help prevent patients from getting stuck in a large and complex health system.

access advocacy on your phone

You can download our app by searching “Delphi HC” in the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Once your account has been activated, you will have access to your health advocates with just a couple of clicks!

Download the Delphi App when you click the links below!

Who We work with

We work with New England based employer groups of all sizes to provide employees increased access, understanding and affordability to local high-value healthcare providers.

Employer Group Pricing

What Members are saying about us

Current Member
    Current Member

    Delphi has truly transformed my healthcare experience. Their streamlined approach and transparent pricing saved me money and gave me peace of mind. I couldn’t be happier with the care I’ve received.

    Current Member
      Current Member

      As someone who values quality healthcare, Delphi has exceeded my expectations. The direct access to top-notch physicians and the simplified billing process have made a world of difference. It’s a game-changer!

      Current Member
        Current Member

        Delphi has been a lifesaver for my family. We’ve seen significant cost savings without compromising the quality of care. Their commitment to transparent pricing is refreshing. Delphi truly delivers on its promises!


        What size employer do I qualify as?
        1. Identify your physician
        2. Select the “Join Dr. Calegari’s Panel” or “Join Dr. Fishbein’s Panel” button
        3. Fill out your information
        4. We will send an official welcome email
        What do members use Delphi Advocacy for?

        $120 / month OR $1,200 / year

        My employer just on boarded Delphi Advocacy, how do I activate my account?

        Your Delphi Enhanced Primary Care physician will maintain the current billing process, including billing your insurance and charging copays, co-insurances, and deductibles, just as they do for other medical services such as sick visits. Your access fee is not a covered benefit by insurance plans.

        Delphi Enhanced Primary Care will be accepting the insurance carriers listed below. If you do not see your carrier, please reach out to us directly.

        • Aetna
        • Ambetter
        • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
        • Cigna
        • Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare
        • Medicare
        • Tufts Health Freedom Plan
        • United HealthCare
        If I am employee whose employer is offering Delphi Advocacy as a benefit, do I have to pay for my account?
        How can I become a member?
        1. Identify Your Physician: If you’re not already connected with one of our physicians, choose either Dr. Calegari or Dr. Fishbein to be your primary care provider.
        2. Select the Panel: Once you’ve chosen your physician, click on the “Join Dr. Calegari’s Panel” or “Join Dr. Fishbein’s Panel” button, depending on your preference.
        3. Fill Out Your Information: Complete the required information, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
        4. Await Your Welcome Email: After submitting your information, we’ll send you an official welcome email confirming your membership.
        Why is there a membership fee?

        The membership fee allows us to provide patients enhanced access to their Primary Care Physician, longer appointments, shorter wait times and more personalized care.

        How does insurance work with Delphi’s Enhanced Primary Care?

        Billing Process: Your DEPC physician will handle billing just like any other medical service. This includes billing your insurance and processing copays, co-insurances, and deductibles, similar to sick visits or other medical consultations.

        Access Fee: It’s important to note that your access fee is not covered by insurance plans. This fee supports the unique benefits and personalized care provided by DEPC.

        Accepted Insurance Carriers: DEPC is currently accepting insurance from the following carriers:

        • Aetna
        • Ambetter
        • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
        • Cigna
        • Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare
        • Medicare
        • Tufts Health Freedom Plan
        • United HealthCare

        If you don’t see your insurance carrier listed or have any questions regarding insurance coverage, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

        What do I do if my insurance carrier isn’t listed?
        Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for the DEPC membership fee?

        Please contact us directly at or call us at (603) 537-6037

        How can I pay for my membership?
        Who will see Dr. Fishbein’s patients until she starts October 1st, 2024?